Road tolls made easier in France for British motorists


Now the company that is in charge of the new toll system on the Dartford Crossing in Kent is offering drivers who make regular trips through France a tag that reduces the need to fumble for change or cards at the péage.

Sanef Tolling is supplying the Liber-T tag that automatically charges an account every time a car passes the electronic sensors at a toll booth on the autoroute.

This is a bonus for drivers of right hand drive vehicles, who have to lean over to the left of their cars to make payment. In most cases motorists don’t even have to stop, with cars able to travel through the electronic surveillance area at speeds of up to 30km/h.

With more routes to France than any other UK port, Portsmouth International Port is a popular choice with motorists who have second homes and businesses in the country.

The tag system is most useful for those making regular trips along the autoroute or long journeys that cross the entire country. Initial set up costs are said to soon be outweighed by the convenience and time saving of waiting to pay with cash or card.

Check an informative video of how it works out here.

Source | Porthsmouth


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