Canalways #1: Lapworth and Kingswood Junction


I love the canals spread all over the country helping to preserve the history of Britain at the same time that they boost the tourism as well. And there is no better way of exploring those sites than walking along them.

It was during one of my Great British walks adventures last weekend in  Baddesley Clinton Canal Walk that I took a different route and ended up finding out  a marvelous piece of engineering.


The Lapworth link is a short stretch of canals that also includes the   Kingswood Junction, a very popular spot for boats enthusiasts. And it´s fascinating indeed to see where the Stratford-Upon Avon meets the Grand Union Canal.


Sometimes, it looks like a parking site for canal boats that I imagine, comes from all over the country. It is a good stop for the boat enthusiast as well because it includes the British waterways workshops and maintenance yard. Besides, there is an information centre and rubbish disposal for boaters.

20150808_121200  It´s just a join to walk around and see families gathering inside and outside their boats and if you are a bit lucky, you will get the chance to see how the canal locks works, for real.

Don´t forget to read the information plaques placed in the bridges you are going to find in this canal walking. They are informative and a curious way of understand the history of the site itself.


Oh yes, the wonders of being in the birthplace of Industrial revolution. There is always something new in every corner of the Midlands. Or in this case on the corners of Warwickshire.

Source | Wikipedia and Canal & River Trust

Warwickshire 8th Aug 2015 (36)

Warwickshire 8th Aug 2015 (44)

Warwickshire 8th Aug 2015 (43)


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