Home Pampering Ideas: Wax Melts by ScentChips


Wax melts are something that help me in the difficult task of relaxing at home. There is nothing cosier than chilling with a glass of wine, a book and a warm fragrance to scent your favourite room. Wax melts should be in the list of essential item for a perfect pampering treat!

Luckily, there are plenty of wax melt choices available nowadays. From famous brands to startups; there are fragrances, sizes and shapes for all tastes.

The popularity of scented wax melts must be due to the fact it’s a lower-cost product compared to other home fragrance items. Not to mention that it is less messy than any product made of paraffin wax in the market.


I just love it! And after trying many different ones, Scentchips got my heart for good. They keep it simple and fresh. And that’s the secret of success, I guess.

I like the idea of mixing aromas to make it more personal. Plus, reasonable price and creative packaging is just a bonus. It’s always helpful if you can pick the number of wax melts of your choice. There are boxes of 8, 13 or 26 to help creating your own fragrances.

I have chosen only 13 scents favourite ones, but believe me, there were lots more I wanted to bring home. Cinnamon, pear, mango-papaya, ocean, vanilla, raspberry, rain etc. Scentchips has over 80 single scents and 150 scent blends. And there are no limits for being creative here!



ScentChips is typical American family business originally from San Antonio, in Texas, that focused on scented candles in its beginning. A worldwide company with over 30 years’ experience in home fragrance industry.

Overall experience:

Burning my petal shaped wax melts in a warmer now during the autumn made the whole experience cosier. And don`t be fooled by the size of them. These little things can fragrance your room quite quick and the aroma last longer than I thought it would last.



I didn`t burn some of them entirely (like the round shaped ones above) to keep them as potpourri that can be placed in drawers, wardrobes and why not in your handbag.

So, where can I buy it?

I heard it is distribute here via Holland & Barretts but unfortunately, I haven’t see a big marketing presence online to divulgate the products here in the UK. The best online way of buying in their US website or via ebay.


My wax melts were bought in a shop in Ironbridge, Shopshire. A little bit far from Birmingham, anyway. On the website, it shows the other addresses we can find ScentChips products such as Some shops in Lichfield, Dudley and Solihull. Still a bit of track from where I live in Sutton Coldfield.

About ScentsChips:  

UK Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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