What is Midlands Trade?

Midlands Trade is a blog about business made in Brazil and Europe founded in 2014. The idea is to present what people in Brazil would like to know about Europe businesses and vice versa.

To make this link between Europe and Brazil, we focus on news about tourism & hospitality, starts ups, retail, food & drinks, e-commerce and all subjects related to Birmingham and West Midlands.

My official Accounts:

Twitter – https://twitter.com/midlandstrade

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/midlandstradeuk/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/moluska/

Google + – https://plus.google.com/u/1/101938604818536910613

You tube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6SFuzGcNzqdSWJGcEdbLRQ

Pinterest –  https://uk.pinterest.com/simone_ribeiro/

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What we do?

I like talking about products, places, services, food, drinks and people I admire. Those who I’d like my readers to know about them! For this reason, I’m always preparing some special content out & about at Midlands Trade. And I’m ready to be surprised!

Meet The Business| –  It’s a post/interview about featuring services and products of independent businesses from all over Europe and Brazil. Drop me a message to midlandstradeuk@gmail.com to know how to participate. And check the businesses already featured in at the website here.

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Accommodation | – As important as your holiday trip is the accommodation you chose staying. We just love travelling and presenting the best hotels, b&b, hostels and any type of inn around. Please, contact me at midlandstradeuk@gmail.com if you want to see your business presented and reviewed here. Read more about our featured businesses here.

Eat | Drink | Do| – There is always new restaurants, bars, coffee shops, other types of attractions and place to go or simply new products in the market to talk about. We like spreading the news about all of them here. We welcome restaurants, bars, shops, coffee shops and business people to be reviewed here. Just send a message to us and we do the rest.

Meet The Breweries | – We also going to talk about beer!  But not the bog standard ones, the crafted ones! Our space is here. So if you have a brewery and wants to be featured at our Meet The Breweries, please, keep in touch and we do the rest!

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How big is Midlands Trade?

Midlands Trade started in 2014. In numbers it means 310 posts,  133, 842 blog views, 121.584 unique visitors according to last stats checked in February 2017. We’re always trying to improve these figures making better content for you!

More questions?

For more general information about the blog contact midlandstradeuk@gmail.com

For PR/Business enquiries please also email me at midlandstradeuk@gmail.com or simoneanjos.jor@gmail.com

Or send me your enquires here:

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